Dara Laine is a comedic writer, actor, and red head living in Los Angeleez by way of New Hampshire. Dara knew since elementary school that she wanted to be a comedian after growing up watching the Saturday Night Live performances of either Molly Shannon or Kristen Wiig, though Dara is ageless so who can say for sure?

Since studying acting at Emerson College and improv at Second City Chicago and UCB, Dara’s been making YouTube sketches which have been featured on websites like Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, The AV Club, Cosmopolitan, and Time, among others.

Dara also researches, writes, narrates, and edits “Les Deux You Remember This?” a storytelling podcast about Hollywood in the early aughts.

Currently, she is turning her podcast into a jukebox musical of the same name that will premiere in June at Hollywood Fringe Fest. Set in 2006, it follows Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton as they discover Paris’s Bentley can time travel. After going into the future, they see what happens to their lives and careers. In an effort to fix their reputations, they travel to the dates of their biggest mistakes to try and fix them. It’s “Mean Girls” meets “Back to the Future.”